Why you should use Yeoman

TL;DR: Because it’s awesome!

Yeoman Logo

Yesterday, while I was writing about Gulp, I was thinking, we are in ~~2013~~ 2014 and why people are still doing annoying and repetitive tasks manually?

Maybe those people don’t know there are awesome tools, like Yeoman, that could be very helpful in your workflow, or is the lack of time to learn something new, or they are afraid to get out of your confort zone, or people don’t like CLI. Well I don’t know why, (and maybe I should change the post title to something less “aggressive”) but I know that, as soon you get the point about Yeoman, you’ll never look back, I guess.

Ok, Yeoman is a collection of tools and best practices to help you achieve your objective.

It’s composed by three main tools:

  • Yo: Scaffold everything
  • Grunt: Task runner
  • Bower: Package manager

These tools together could improve a lot your workflow.

Yeoman use a concept of generators. Imagine generators as a big package of various other tools and best practices to help you achieve one goal.

E.g: This blog is built using a Yeoman Generator to Jekyll, this generator was created by another person who realized that could be very useful have a generator to build a Jekyll’s website.

That’s a cool thing, these generators are built by people, are open source!

Let’s suppose you wanna make an Angular App, instead of downloading everything manually and separately, isn’t more easy to just run a command line and wait to Yeoman make your job? Of course it is!

In this example, you only have to install the Angular generator, and run the command to start your scaffold.

Now, say you would like create an Angular Controller, again, you just have to run another command in your terminal. You have to test your app? No problem, just write your tests and run the task test.

The key are the tasks, every repetitive task you would do manually can be automatized. Why you should do this? Because with that, you can focus on what really matter for you, the fun part, the development!

I’m not trying force you to use Yeoman, (I guess) but, try new things, try something new! Even if you don’t intend to use, is good open your mind!

That’s all.